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Cheaper shipping rates, with a faster delivery time!

We offer exclusive benefits such as a free USA address, islandwide delivery, a shipping calculator, a referral program, and a lot more membership benefits. 

How it works?

Our sign-up process is Fast, Easy & Secure. Go to the Shiplink website, click the Register button on the website and fill in all the requested information.

Step 1 - Register Online

Our sign-up process is simple, fast, and free. Click here to register and confirm your identity.

Step 2 - Free Shipping / Mailing Address

After you have registered and confirmed your identity, Login to view your USA shipping address. 

Step 3 - Order Online

Start shopping at any of your desired online stores and set the shipping address to the one in your Shiplink account.

Why Shiplink?

Important Shiplink FAQs

Find answers to the frequently asked questions related to Shiplink.

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